Hi, I am Stephan van Opstal, your not so average front-end engineer. Besides my coding skills, I am that experienced senior developer that asks questions, motivates the team and tries to improve the process.

I love building complex web applications with React and TypeScript. I am also very comfortable with Next.js, GraphQL, Jest and Testing Library.

Wait, there's more...

Feeding on as much information as I can I like to zoom in and look at all possible solutions from as many angles as possible. When adding value to a project I do not shy away from complex situations. I flourish when translating business to user to code and I love refining the process along the way. Helping other developers is something I value highly. I try to lead by example by keeping everyone sharp and maintaining a safe place for all involved. I am passionate about my craft and I will do everything in my ability to transfer that feeling to others. I am easy to connect with and I never put myself or my opinions first.